Trello Extremely Helpful To Use For Project Management

Trello board

Trello for project management is incredibly useful if you’re a budget-conscious project manager. The free Kanban-based task management application aids project management and team collaboration.

There are numerous project management software options available. Trello, on the other hand, stands out due to its simplicity. It provides a simple framework for quickly organizing and monitoring projects.

You might be tempted to skip it because it’s so straightforward.

Trello’s simplicity, on the other hand, can be a strength. Let’s look at how it can help you become a master of organizing.

What is the purpose of Trello?

Trello’s project management capabilities are beneficial to software engineers, ad agencies, and designers, to name a few. Trello can assist you in organizing a complete team or simply increasing your individual productivity:

  • Keep track of your production process.
  • Maintain control over your development schedule.
  • Monitor a content marketing campaign.
  • Prepare for impending projects.
  • Keep track of your company’s hiring and onboarding procedures.

It might be difficult for remote teams to stay organized without physical conference rooms, bulletin boards, and other traditional project management tools.

Trello, fortunately, is also ideal for remote teams.

It can be used to store Scrum boards by remote Agile teams. You can manage a Kanban process with Trello instead if you prefer the Kanban methodology.

Trello project management features

Planning – Trello isn’t just for kicking off projects. It will also help teams throughout every step of the process, from planning through execution. If you’re new to project management, here’s a quick breakdown of what the entire process entails:

Setup – As one might expect, the planning phase is when you conduct research, establish goals, and map out the strategy of your entire project. The idea is to identify the scope of your project. You’ll establish goals with stakeholders and put together a budget.

Implementation At this point, ideas become acts. While it may appear that the majority of your job is done, this is far from the reality. It’s critical to maintain a hands-on approach. As the broad picture begins to take shape, attend meetings, gather progress reports, and deliver updates to stakeholders.

Closing – Ideas become actions at this moment. While it may appear that you have completed the majority of your work, this is not the case. Maintaining a hands-on attitude is crucial. Attend meetings, collect progress reports, and provide updates to stakeholders as the big picture begins to take shape.

Trello’s structure and operation

Companies who undervalue project management, according to a 2020 survey, have 67 percent more projects fail outright. Only 22% of businesses, on the other hand, use project management software.

Trello, for example, is meant to keep your projects from becoming another statistic. You can use Trello to:

  • To plan projects, use the timeline view.
  • Work is connected across boards when you go to table view.
  • To aid time management, integrate with calendar tools.

See the board’s statistics and project information.

It can be shocking to see what projects look like once they’re fully underway after watching certain online tutorials.

However, as with anything new, you must first break it down into tiny bits. To manage projects on Trello, you’ll need to understand the following core components.