How To Make Enviromentally Changes To Your Home Decor

ecofriendly home decor

We’ve all taken inventory of our window coverings, rugs, wall decor, and other items in our homes and discovered that they’re looking a little worn. Tastes change, lifestyles change, and before you know it, you’re browsing the stores or surfing the web for makeover inspiration.

However, exchanging your belongings for new ones generates trash and goes against the goal of sustainability.

So, how do you vary up your home design in a way that is both sustainable and waste-free?

Research understands that a new season—on the calendar or in your life—often calls for a refresh, no matter how carefully you have chosen your current decor.

Here are her best tips to help you update your home’s look and love the planet, too.

Shop from your (and your friends’) personal belongings

Take a close look at what you currently have in other areas, including some unexpected spots, before you replace anything.

You are not limited to your personal belongings. Have an accessory swap with several friends who are also looking to improve their home design.

Every participant is allowed to bring a certain number of new or like-new products to the host’s home the day before, and the host and staff will arrange everything in a boutique manner.

You and the other participants leave with a brand new look at no expense to you. Someone else’s trinkets could be just the thing for your living room!

Sentimental items to Highlight

You can even take your repurposing to the next level by reusing more personal artifacts and giving your walls a tale to tell. “Look for mementos like maps, posters, flags, scarves, or banners, and then frame them.”

Repurposing your old picture frames to repackage such mementos makes your re-do even greener.

Consider the future

Only new will suffice at times. If you have your heart set on a particular style that would look fantastic in your home, think about how long you plan to keep it. I recommend investing in a high-quality piece that speaks to you personally so you can enjoy it for years.

Consider the aesthetic you want to achieve and why you want it. Is it currently fun, funky, and hot? That is perfectly OK. But think about how that piece would fit into your next renovation.

Select eco-friendly materials

Sustainability does not imply that you have to sacrifice flair. You don’t have to buy a drab rug or plain drapery to save the environment.

Well-made, long-lasting materials not only give a solid foundation for life-proof design, but they are also environmentally friendly.

Use quartzite in kitchens because it’s a natural, sustainable alternative to quartz; and when it comes to materials, you’d natural wool since it’s softer than synthetics, more lasting for your busy life, and oh-so-easy to clean.

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